What is naturopathy ?

Naturopathy is an holistic healing system that seeks out and treats the cause of ill health rather than just the symptoms of disease.  Naturopaths believe the body is able to heal itself if we provide it with the materials it needs to do this.  Naturopathy uses a variety of natural therapies and a plan is designed for each client according to their individual needs.

Services offered

Nutrition Herbal Medicine Iridology Homeopathy Flower Essences Craniosacral Therapy Massage NAET Allergy Elimination Manipulative Muscle Therapy Reflexology Kinesiology Reiki Theta Healing Genome Healing Thought Field Therapy Neurolinguistic Programming
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Natural health care for people, pets and livestock

Pet Services

Tellington TTouch Canine Craniosacral Therapy Behavioural Dog Trainer
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What is the ATMS?
The Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd (ATMS) sets standards for training and education of its members.
ATMS accreditation of practitioners ensures a high standard within the profession.
Members must also adhere to the ATMS Code of Ethics.
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